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When visiting NYC, don’t forget about making a trip to Astoria, Queens.   Hop on the Q or N subway train and check out the Museum of the Moving Image.  This is one of my all time favorite museums and it is a great place to take your kids. Recently renovated, the museum is dedicated to art, history, technology and technique of the moving image in all its form. I took my son and his friend over the winter break and we had a blast.  We enjoyed the exhibits and seeing things like Jim Carey’s Mask and costumes from TV shows and movies.  The best part by far,was the demonstrations and workshops.  The boys particularly enjoyed the sound editing demonstration.  They learned how sounds are made in the movies and interesting facts like the sound of a lion’s roar was played backwards when one of the Titanic’s stacks fell into the water in the movie “The Titanic”.

The boys viewed episodes of Wallace and Gromit and  participated in a Claymation workshop for just $10!  They created their own  three-dimensional character made from clay and animated them using the same techniques used to create the animated series they had just viewed.

The museum offers a variety of exhibits, films, demonstrations and workshops.  They are always changing, so make sure to visit www.movingimage.us/ to see what is happening before you visit.

Visiting the Museum of  the Moving Image really should be on your “to do” list if you are visiting NYC with kids.  The prices are amazing, ten dollars for adults and five dollars for kids.  For all those movie and video game lovers this will be great day out that offers unique learning experiences.  See you at the movies!


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