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CSI Agents

Where can your kids learn about scientific principles and techniques that are used today by crime scene investigators and forensic scientist?  You most probably are thinking on the latest episode of Law and Order, NCIS or CSI.  Well your family now can actually go to an interactive exhibit called CSI:  The Experience.  This exhibits incorporates elements from the popular CBS series, “CSI:  Crime Scene Investigation”.

Our family had an unbelievable time when we entered the crime scenes at Discovery Times Square in New York City.  The hands-on experience let us identify and record evidence.  We investigated the crime scene “Who Got Served?”.    In this case a young woman was found dead in an alley behind an old Las Vegas motel.  There was a tire tread across her abdomen and beside her was a headshot of her ripped in half.

Just like real crime scene investigators we looked at digital evidence left behind and was able to retrieve who the victim sent her last text message to and to who! Then, we looked at latent prints on the photograph and impression evidence from the tire tracks.

Later, we investigated the forensic aspect and reviewed the toxicology report of the substance that was left in the bag near the victim.  Learning about forensic entomology, we were able to determine the time of death.  Reviewing the forensic biology, we determined the victim’s true identity by looking at her DNA.

Cracking the Case

We ended up solving the crime by determining the cause of death and reported back to the medical examiner.  Our supervisor, Gil Grissom awarded us a diploma, making us CSI Agents for cracking the case!

This experience was so much fun and educational!  In addition to the case we investigated, you can also investigate two other cases called “A House Collided” or “No Bones About It!”.  After going through these exhibits you will learn things like calculating a person’s height by measuring their femur bone or that the diameter determines the caliber of a bullet.

It is always a lot of fun when you experience something hands-on!   The fact that this exhibit also was entrenched in multimedia via videotaped messages from the cast of the TV show just made this adventure awesome.

This exhibit is currently in Las Vegas, New York and Australia and is geared towards kids that are twelve and older.  I hope your family will be able to plunge into the action of solving one of the three crimes because it was not only fun and educational, but a great opportunity to work together as a family.  Good luck cracking the case!

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Times Square

Today I was in NYC and had the same energized feeling that I had eighteen years ago when I moved to the “Big Apple”.  My son shares the same love of the city.  I thought it would be great to pass along some easy tips to navigate the city for other families.

Some of my favorite resources are the apps that I have on my phone, NYC Way and HopStopNYC.    I love NYC Way!  It has over 30 icons ranging from things to do, street fairs, places to eat and ATM locator.  I used it today to find a place to have lunch close to Sony Wonder Technology Lab.  I also use HopStop when I am not sure which subway to take or which direction to walk once I have come out of  the subway.  This app is great!

Sony Wonder Technology Lab

I am a planner, so I  check things out online since I am always looking for inexpensive fun things to do.  Three resources that I use often are Time Out NY Kids , Central Park and TheatreMania .  I have found really cool things to do on Time Out NY Kids like having tea with Eloise at the Plaza for girls or outdoor movies on the Intrepid (the coolest place ever to watch Top Gun!)for boys. Time Out NY Kids is also great to find out what is going on at the museums.  Sony Wonder Technology Lab is free and has several workshops for $10.  My son never gets tired of The Museum of Natural History and he use to love the NY Children’s museum when he was younger.

Central Park

The official website of Central Park is fabulous!  There is so much to do in the park from Victoria Gardens Amusement Park in the summer and Trump’s Wollman’s Skating Rink in the winter to the Zoo and Carousel. One of my favorite things to do with my son is rent model boats to sail at Conservatory Water and have lunch at the Boathouse Cafe.  Check out their list of 176 things to do in Central Park on the Things to See page of their website.

Make sure you check out sites like Living Social Family Edition New York Kids Deals and Coupons  and Groupon.  These sights are a great way to save regardless of where you live, so subscribe and you will get notified of great deals by email.  Just last week Living Social had a deal to get two tickets to Victoria Gardens Amusement Park for $21 instead of $43.

Theatre Mania is a great place to get discounted broadway tickets.  Mary Poppins is great and there is usually discounted tickets, but there are a lot of other off-broadway shows for kids too like Freckleface Strawbery, The Bernestain Bears & Pinkalicious.  You can also find discounted tickets on this site to other things like exhibits at Discovery Times Square or Top of the Rock.

Freckleface Strawberry

NYCWay & Time Out NY Kids are also an excellent resource to find great places to eat.  One of my favorite places is Ellen’s Stardust Diner where you feel like you are in the 1950’s with the singing wait staff.  My son loved Mars 2112, so I have brought him there many times when he was younger despite the fact that it is overpriced food that is fair.  There is no where else that you can ride a space ship to your table and meet aliens.

I could go on and on about NYC and things to do with kids.  I hope the resources I shared will help families visiting NYC or those who live in the surrounding areas just heading in for the day.   NYC can be a great place to take kids.  There are many affordable things to do and it really is easy to get around.  Please comment should you have questions. I would love to help make your trip to my favorite place on earth the best place you will ever take your kids!

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