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Today marks the first anniversary of the Traveling Classroom.  Sharing my stories of traveling with my son simply began when one of my friends told me I should write a book about the places I go with my son.  Intimidated by the whole book idea, I decided perhaps I’ll take baby steps and thought about doing freelance writing, so I signed up for a travel writing course through the Travel Channel.  I headed down to Washington D.C. with my laptop excited about the course.  I expected the day to be filled of different writing technique workshops.  Instead, I was introduced to the world of blogging.  I left the course with my own blog, The Traveling Classroom and my first published post.  I wrote one more post when I came home and then I abandoned the whole idea.  I am not sure why, but it most probably had to do with fear.  Fear that my writing wasn’t up to par.  Fear about putting myself out in the world-wide web.  Fear that people would think that I was a show-off.  I guess it was fear.

A year later on May 15, 2011 I finished the book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  It was also the day that I decided I would re-start my blog as a part of my own happiness project. Blogging about the places that my son and I discover has been a lot of fun and really has brought me a tremendous amount of happiness. Writing makes me re-live  our experiences and the memories never go away. Keeping up my blog also keeps me motivated to continue to see new places and do new things.  It made me shift my priorities, so I now save my money for experiences instead of material objects and have discovered that “travel does make you richer”.

One of the greatest things to come out of this year is that sharing my stories has possibly motivated other families to travel and my post actually help them in their planning.  The best compliment that I received is “wow, that looks like it was fun…I want to go there now”.

Viewers have come from every continent outside of Antarctica which my son thinks is really cool.  I have also had some post that have resonated with my readers more than others.  So to celebrate my first anniversary of The Traveling Classroom, I thought I would share my most viewed posts.  Thank you so much for reading, sharing with your friends, and your comments.


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 1.  Our Atlantis Adventure

 One of my favorite post didn’t even make the list, A Tale of Two Palaces.  Did your favorite make the list?

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The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

Does the NBA lockout have you down?  Well, if you plan on being in driving distance of Springfield, Massachusetts, head over to the Basketball Hall of Fame!

When you arrive off of I-91, you will find the most unusual building and there won’t be any mistaking you have reached your destination since the large titanium basketball or the 136 foot sphere spinning a bright orange basketball will give it away!  It is suggested that you start your visit on the third floor, but good luck because once your kids see the action on the courts as you walk in, it will be hard to follow protocol.

As we approached the entrance we could hear a rhythm from the bouncing balls.  The hardwood court was lined with hoops ranging from a peach basket to the traditional hoops that we find on any court today.  The day we went, my son and his friend were able to participate in a free basketball clinic run by the men’s team from UMass.

The second floor is dedicated to many exhibits of sports memorabilia and there are several interactive exhibits that made the day a lot of fun.  The boys also loved the short Michael Jordon film and Nike exhibit.  Of course I enjoyed the area dedicated to college basketball.  I can never get enough of the LSU Tigers, just ask my son.

Silly Boys


Need to grow a little more

Learning about the media side of sports

The Honor’s Ring on the third floor is where you will find the Hall of Famers.  Currently the Naismith Memorial Basketball of Fame has inducted 313 players, coaches, referees, teams and contributors.  The biographies are a great way to teach self-discipline and persistence to your kids.

If there is a basketball fan in your household, this is a great place to visit and about the only place you will be able to experience a little NBA action until the lockout ends.  So with winter upon us, hit the road to honor James Naismith who invented basketball and shoot some hoops!


Hoops for all ages

Basketball Hall of Fame

My foot inside Shaq's footprint

Playing Basketball during the free clinic

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