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Anyone who has read The House of  Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne would enjoy touring the house that inspired his gothic novel.  The house, one time owned by Hawthorne’s cousin Susanna Ingersol is in Salem, Massachusetts.  It is said that childhood stories from his cousin inspired him to write the famous novel, but he was adamant about the novel being a work of fiction.

We toured the house  which was led by a professional guide.  The best part was the secret staircase.  Another place to visit on this national historic site was the house that Hawthorne was born.  The house was originally on Union street, a few blocks away but was moved in 1958. The seaside garden is another spectacular feature.

Nathaniel Hawthorne's home

If you visit during October make sure you see  the live performances are the Spirits of the Gables which brings Hawthorne’s novel alive.  Make sure you make reservations because this is a busy time which coincides with Salem’s Haunted Happenings.

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